MBA attracts students from throughout Northern Virginia who seeking quality ballet training and unequaled performing opportunities. Our students come from as far away as Great Falls, Front Royal, Aldie, Fredericksburg, Amissville and Culpeper.

Some comments from our parents about MBA:

“Ms Amy –

In this crazy Nutcracker week,  I just wanted to give you some encouragement and thanks. We have really enjoyed Manassas Ballet. After 6 years at the last dance studio,  XXX didn’t look forward to seeing any friends in her classes. They were just other dancers. She often felt discouraged, like she was just never good enough. She didn’t know how to improve on her own, or who to ask for help. After 6 months with Manassas Ballet,  she knows everyone in her classes, communicates with them outside of class, looks forward to seeing her friends, and even exchanged Christmas presents with several! More experienced students in her class, and some of the older girls have made an effort to help her with choreography or technique when she struggled and you helped after classes. We’ve never experienced such a team atmosphere.

I can’t critique dance technique.  Heck,  I still can’t help my daughter with a ballet bun! The most important things for me as a dance mom are XXX’s self- confidence,  acceptance and love of dance. You, Manassas Ballet, the instructors and dancers have done an amazing job of building those things in XXX while helping her improve her dance ability. I love seeing her confidence grow, knowing she’s worked hard and enjoyed the experience. I am so thankful for everything and looking forward to great Nutcracker performances this week.

Thanks for all you do.”

“We just got an invitation to have XXX participate in the Professional Division Academy classes. We are so pleased with the invitation. We have had such a great experience so far. The professionalism and the quality of your program is what drew us in from the beginning. We just wanted to say Thank You! What an incredible honor and privilege for XXX. She considers herself a serious ballet student and this kind of opportunity is so amazing.”

“Professional. top notch training at all levels, the instructors are kind, caring and hands on. My children aren’t just learning ballet, they are learning commitment, self-discipline and appreciation for others. A gem to the Manassas community-they give back at every opportunity and create beauty and wonder for all to enjoy, elevating all of our lives.”

“Final boys class today. You have carried my kid, helped him reach deep down and pull out results where others would have quit. You have given him the best foundation any ballet dancer can hope to have and we couldn’t thank you enough for that. I love order, I love discipline, I love that Ms Amy brings that to the table every time, but beyond that you should hear how excited she gets to celebrate their little and big wins. They leave class knowing the pride that comes with hard work and I won’t have it any other way.”

“It’s night time over here, but I just wanted to quickly pop in and give a shout out to our MBA teachers, staff and crew. XXX is getting so many compliments at his new studio  and it all boils down to the thoroughness of training he got at MBA, I’m seriously having a case of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, so please thank a teacher, staff and encourage a student if you see them this week.”