Why choose Manassas Ballet Academy?

  • Our ballet classes are taught using the Vaganova (Russian) ballet methodology.

  • We provide unmatched performance opportunities including dancing at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in MBT productions featuring our professional Company and Orchestra.

  • Students can perform with the Manassas Youth Ballet at regional venues.

  • Our “Professional Division” sets serious ballet students on a track to become college ready or professional dancers.

  • Our teachers are professional dancers with degrees in Dance and/or extensive professional experience.

  • Our teachers are “hands-on.” To properly learn dance, muscle memory of a correct step is necessary. To achieve this, our teachers will manually help a student perform a step.

  • All classes are offered in-studio and remotely via Zoom.

  • Our tuition fees are payable on a monthly basis.

  • We offer competition opportunities (Youth America Grand Prix and DC Grand Prix) for selected students.

  • Enhanced conditioning classes: Pilates, PBR, Stretch & Strength and Yoga

  • Our high quality facilities include two spacious (performance size) studios equipped with raised, sprung wood floors and Marley dance surfaces.

  • Boys dance too! We have one of the largest programs for boys in the area, with classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced as well as pas de deux.

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Manassas Ballet Academy is the region’s leading training school of Vaganova Method dancers.

The Vaganova Method is the most acclaimed and revered ballet technique worldwide by professional companies, choreographers, and dance artists. It provides a training system that has been carefully cultivated and perfected to create the quintessentially classical image of ballet. It is easily distinguished by its effortless upper body placement with dynamic lower body engagement.

Madame Vaganova stated the core meaning of her technique and its superiority in the ballet world: “All training can be encompassed and displayed in the course of one grand pas de deux”.  Each step is taught for a specific purpose, and it is critical that students master and achieve perfection with each one. As the student’s training continues, the mastered steps evolve into ever more challenging movements which enable the dancer to thrive in the professional dance world.

Manassas Ballet Academy is proud to provide Agrippina Vaganova’s training for aspiring young dancers and has a legacy of producing high-quality ballet artists. MBA has expert Russian-trained Vaganova graduate dancers to skillfully teach and guide our students in Vaganova training.